The worst terrorist attack on our soil since 911 and instead of bringing the people together Democrats are tearing people apart. I get into verbal slugfests on the internet with the best of them, but today should be a day to come together. Today should be a day to put politics aside at least a little bit. Instead we are treated to the immediate politicization by the shrill voice of Hillary Clinton and the jump the gun immediacy of Barack Obama. I’m too sad to be angry.

Knowing these people of the far left as I do, I know that the politics of division is their religion, but still – wouldn’t you have thought they would have waited – at least a day – for their politicizing? If even for appearances? What hasĀ happened to our country, that our leaders can immediately go out and start demonizing and dividing mere minutes or hours after a terrorist attack that kills 14 and wounds 17? How did we get here?