ERIC HOLDER FLORIDARecently, Eric Holder spoke about “racial animus” being a driving factor behind criticism of Barack Obama.

Dorothy Brown, professor of law at Emory University’s School of Law, subsequently wrote about it in a post for CNN:

“Why Holder Remark Made White People Mad:

‘This Week’ allowed many whites to hear what a black man is thinking about race. Most whites don’t know because most whites don’t have interracial conversations about race. To be fair, neither do most blacks. It’s just that we know what other blacks are thinking because, well, we talk to other blacks about race.

Let’s take a few examples that to me show unprecedented hostility directed toward the President, in my opinion, because he is black. First, the utter nonsense about the President’s birth certificate; it refuses to die — it is actively kept alive — despite all the evidence to the contrary. Second, the number of pictures or posters at rallies with the President’s face on a monkey’s body. Third, Congressman Joe Wilson yells “you lie” during the President’s State of the Union Address.”

Here is my response:

Sorry, but I’m going to be politically incorrect here.
First off ma’am, you said it – white people don’t really spend much time thinking or talking about race, but apparently black people do, a lot, it seems. Maybe they should stop talking about race and start talking about how to solve the problems in the black community. Starting with an unwed motherhood rate upwards of 70%. You can’t blame white people for that number. And that number is the primary driver of every other problem.
One big change that would make a big difference is school choice. But both President Obama and Eric Holder are working against school choice. They actively work to keep children trapped in failing government schools to appease teachers unions. Is it racist to criticize them for being against the best interests of inner city children, and against most inner city parents that support school choice? Here’s the rub – if George Bush were against school choice, you’d call it racist.
All of the examples you site could be called reprehensible for one reason or another, but none of them pertain to race. George Bush was portrayed as monkey constantly! Black Americans, sadly for them and for the country, have been conditioned to see racism everywhere. As an example – the rodeo clown incident. That clown has used that schtick with every president since Reagan. Yet with Obama, it was suddenly somehow racist. Oprah Winfrey, richest woman in the world – not the richest black woman mind you – the richest woman, worth billions, interpreted it to be racism when a shopkeeper in Switzerland couldn’t understand English well. Most of us have experienced some form of discrimination. I have been in a clothing store, without makeup, wearing sweatpants – and was treated differently then when I went in in a dressier outfit. These are just normal human things – but black people seem to automatically assume racism. It’s ridiculous – and it’s harmful to your own psyches.
Are there racists out there? Sure. Some of them are white, and some of them are black. But they are not lurking behind every tree, waiting to ruin your life. Get over it. Some people are jerks. Some people simply disagree with you.
It doesn’t matter because, ultimately, we all are responsible for making our own lives better, whatever obstacles we find in our way.
I find it especially sad that this is author is a professor, who will simply be part of perpetuating the victim mentality.