There seems to be a growing consensus that one of President Obama’s primary campaign tactics will be to stoke race resentment, and/or white guilt in order to win reelection. This piece by Melissa Harris-Perry in the Nation is a case in point. Her argument, in short, is that if Obama is not re-elected it will be because white liberals are displaying their latent racism. Well, this did not go over very well with said white liberals. They were deeply offended that they would be accused of racism, due to their rational opposition on principled grounds. Sound familiar? Of course the liberals will steadfastly fail to see any connection between what’s said about them and what was said about the Tea Party, but that’s an issue for another day.

The question is will it work? I’m doubtful. I happen to believe that Americans black and white are better than that. It’s not that the issue of race has completely overcome, but at least we can talk about openly now. That’s a big move forward. Even black Americans, who have an understandable and justifiable pride in the first black president, are beginning to question his ability to improve the country’s economic situation. That says a lot about their open-mindedness and independence. And white Americans are refusing to be bullied by unfair accusations from those few who would use an issue like race to dictate what one “should” think.

Perhaps we may even be approaching that day that Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of when all will be judged “by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.” Just as we must not judge others poorly based on appearances, we also cannot abide covering over flaws and inadequacies, based on appearance or group identity.

All of us must be responsible for being independent thinkers, and independent livers if we are to pass on the Constitution liberty that was given to us intact. This is bigger than race, bigger than class, and even bigger than ideology. There is a small minority who wish to see the old America pass away, who want to “fundamentally transform” the nation, and President Obama is one of them. The Progressives have sold the country a bill of goods for decades, but their true nature is starting to show through. Compassion is not their concern, the good of the people is not their overriding principle – it is power and control, pure and simple.

They will use any means necessary in an attempt to hang on to that power and control, but it is up to you and I not to fall prey to it. Yes, they may be able to convince a few useful idiots and anarchists to take to the streets and tear stuff up, but we do not have to respond to it. We can and must take the high road and diligently argue every error face to face, but as much as we can refrain from like kind insults and belligerence.

I firmly believe that the spirit of America will prevail once again. That out of a new test we will emerge stronger and more resilient. That those who seek to divide will only serve to unite. I hope I’m right.