The President thinks the office of President is a platform for a political con game. So unbelievable to me that he would call a joint session to deliver a campaign speech.

President looking embarassing and pathetic entering the room, along with the Democrats artificiality of applause… ick, ick, ick Even Obama lover Shep Smith said it looked “staged.” I am seriously gagging right now.

Obama talking about wanting to “stop the political circus” … wanting to throw something at the television…

so far this is the exact same thing we have heard before. This morning in fact, from Jay Carney. Why didn’t they just let Jay fill us in and spare us the spectacle?

7:17 – did something go wrong with the t.v? Am I watching a pre-stimulus 2009 speech?

This is stimulus 2. This is basically everything they promised last time. Are these people insane? Do they not pay any attention to public opinion at all?

7:25 OMG are you kidding me ? Did he actually just use the tired phrase fair share again? There is literally not one thing in this speech that has not been said a million times before. Shut up little man!

7:29 Even Joe Biden looks bored.

7:30 Hillary looks like she’s thinking, maybe I should make that run….

so pathetic….

7:31 Shot of Jeff Immelt clapping for the made in America comment – the irony…

7:32 “some of you believe there’s a different way, some of you think we should cut government and remove regulation” most enthusiastic applause of the night

“no more regulation than necessary”… oh for goshs sakes…

7:34 – going into Southern Baptist preacher mode… heard it all before… trying to hold out…

7:35 – “we don’t just tell everyone to write their own rules and you’re on your own… that’s not who we are”… – oh yes it is!

Obama wouldn’t know a rugged individualist if he fell over one – that’s what he likes to call a “bitter clinger”

7:36 – mentioning the civil war, I think this may well be his campaign strategy.

Outlines spending programs of the past, how come we did that back then without a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit?

7:37 “what kind of country would this be… some rigid idea of what government could or could not do” – you mean like the rigid old Constitution we have!? Wow…

“Time for us to meet our responsibilities” – like what, bankrupting the nation?

7:40 “Some believe our differences are so great they can only be resolved at the ballot box” – Apparently so since you are a double dealing Marxist demagouge.

7:40 “we have to try every new idea that works” – this isn’t new and it didn’t work – who on his staff let him utter these words? Cringe inducing…

We’re supposed to be scared of you mister poll numbers falling like a rock?

Again the appeal to call Congress – well- I’m going to, but he won’t like what I’m going to say.

In a word, pathetic. Shep says “felt like campaign mode to me… what we’ve heard on the campaign trail for months and years, and that is the “fierce urgency of now”…though he didn’t use the phrase. ”

None of the Democrats in the chamber looked particularly pleased with his performance.

**Note – I usually would moderate my thoughts – hope this doesn’t turn anyone off, but I thought it’d be interesting that these were just the “average American’s” reactions.