So, the other day I’m thinking to myself, who are the Tea Party? We’re actually a really diverse group, crossing lines of party, religion and race, even income divisions. What holds us together as a group?
And then it dawned on me, that in addition to believing in small government, self-reliance and adherence to the Constitution, there is probably an even easier way to define the Tea Party. We’re tax payers, basically. I would guess the majority in the Tea Party are those who actually pay the taxes.

So when Maxine Waters, piped up with “The Tea Party can go straight to He**” I thought to myself “That’s interesting…a member of congress telling the taxpayer to go THERE…”
And it’s not just Ms. Waters, many in government have spewed invective over the Tea Party in more or less colorful terms.

How did we get to a place in America where the government looks the taxpayer in the eye and tells them “Go to He**!?”

What they mean by that at bottom is, “we will take as much of your money as we want, and we will spend it on whatever we want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Reeeaaly. Huh. I guess we’ll see about that come November 2012.