1. fundamentally – in essence; at bottom or by one’s (or its) very nature / fundmental – Forming or serving as an essential component of a system or structure; central
2. transform – Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.

The President he wants to fundamentally transform America, which begs the question, what would it mean to America to be fundamentally transformed?

By the dictionary definition it would mean to change the essence or character of our nation, to dramatically alter is essential structure…

Our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, declared that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. And that government derives it’s just powers from the consent of the governed. In an era dominated by the belief in the divine right of kings – this was something novel.
The Constitution was then created, which is a contract between the people and the government. It builds from the Declaration of Independence, giving the Federal Government consent to do certain, limited, things and no other. This contract has protected the American people from abuse of power for over two centuries. It has protected their God-given and inalienable rights of Free Speech, Religion, and the Right to Bear Arms, among others. Most importantly it has protected their right to determine for themselves what government ought and ought not to do. It puts the people in a position of power over the government, and not the other way around.
Our often maligned free-market system has produced a standard of living for the average American that could not have been conceived of even in the early part of the 20th century. Almost every major invention that has changed the world occured right here in the United States. The automobile, airplane, lightbulb, telephone, radio, computer, email, and cellphone were all invented here. This innovation has propelled our economy into the largest, most productive, and wealthiest in history.
The poorest in this country have cell phones, flat screens, – things that in some countries would still be considered luxuries. Those considered poor in this country occupy more square footage than the average European. Not the average poor European mind you – just the average European.

Before we fundamentally transform America, shouldn’t we ask – what are we changing from and what are we changing to?

It seems that the fundamental transformation of America would necessarily involve three things:
1. Changing her from a nation which acknowledges and protects the inalienable rights given by God, to a nation which believes that rights are constructs created by man and given from government to the people.
2. Changing her from a nation that has a contract which lays out what government can and cannot do, to a nation in which government which can do anything it wants.
3. Changing her from a nation of free markets, to a nation of centrally planned and government dominated markets, which are inevitably less productive and dynamic than free markets, and just as inevitably corrupt.

These are the changes that Progressives wish to make. The question is, are these the changes that the American people want?