Before the debt deal was even struck, many of us understood that without real changes in the way government does business, our credit rating was going to be downgraded. The house passed the Ryan budget in the spring, and the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill early this summer. Either of these bills, had they been passed by the Senate, would have prevented our country from being downgraded. But Senate Democrats did not pass either, and Harry Reid refused to allow the Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill to even come up for a vote.

The Democrats may be many things, but they are not ignorant. (I’m speaking of the leadership of course – their followers are completely duped.) The one thing they do well is politicking. Spreading the wealth didn’t work, so now they want to spread the blame.

We know who is really at fault and it is not the Tea Party. The house was on fire, the Fire Department arrived and started to put out the fire, and the Democrats turned the water off. Now they’re blaming the Fire Department for the house burning down. I don’t believe the illogic of this argument will escape the American people, so I’m not afraid that the notion will prevail, indeed if anything I think the kind of histrionics being heard from the left is driving more and more Americans into the arms of the Tea Party, but it does provide a valuable lesson in Democrat tactics.

Their great hero Saul Alinsky said “attack, attack, attack – and boy do they ever! So we seem to constantly be on defense. What if we took an opposite tack and hit them before they hit us? We should have come out right away attacking the Dems for blocking plans that would have saved us from a downgrade. Instead most commentators are busy explaining why it’s not the TP’s fault. I think it’s a mistake to stay on defense. We were right, we are right, and we want what is best for the country. They play politics and want what is best only for themselves. They have learned the verbiage of victimhood, and employ it to great effect. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time – and that time has come.

Instead of defending against allegations which are, on the very surface, ludicrous, we should spend our time explaining how this could have been prevented had the real leaders in congress prevailed. And to explain the clear choice to the American people that Thomas Jefferson laid out: “We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.”