Americans are even smarter than I thought we were.

CNN’s new poll shows that across all demographics, including those who identify as liberal, a majority of Americans support a balanced budget amendment.  The total for all groups was 74%. Even the Cut, Cap and Balanced approach passed by the house gets 66% approval. Self-identified liberals favored this approach by 53-47%.

Naturally , CNN did not publicize that part. Their headlines trumpeted the fact that 64% of the public wants “spending cuts and tax increases” while only 34% want “only spending cuts” – but see to how the question is worded:
“If you had to choose, would you rather see … a plan that only includes cuts in government spending, or a budget plan that includes a combination of spending cuts and tax increases on higher-income Americans and some businesses?”

In light of the fact that the “gang of six” template suggests cutting deductions for mortgage interest and charitable giving, perhaps a better question would be, “or a plan that includes a combination of spending cuts and tax increases on YOU.” The response might be a bit different. In my household, it would literally double our federal tax burden. Of course they say they’ll be lowering tax rates as well, but I will end up paying more in taxes, period.

We out here in average America are not as dumb as they think we are. After the government has cut every idiotic program like shrimp-on-a-treadmill and measuring genitalia, when they have cut the size of the limo fleet in half, when they have closed departments, cut foreign aid, and given every single government agency a 20% budget reduction, THEN they can come to us and talk about taxes. Up to now, they have not cut a dime. Democrats are still defending spending on Cowboy Poetry for crying out loud!

President Obama and the Democrats know that talk about taxing the rich is popular. But their are simply not enough “rich” mathmatically, to make up the difference. The middle class will end up holding the bag, while the President’s limo fleet will continue to grow.