The debt debate is getting boring. I mean, really, how many times in how many ways can the taxpayers say “we aren’t giving you any more money” before the Dems finally get it?
The response has been a lesson in Democrat tactics 101:
#1 Demagoguery – Republicans want to kill children and starve old people – “we also skewer innocent babies when in our cups” – please. Like the cry of “racism” it is a tactic so worn with overuse as to have become a running joke.
#2 I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today – Promises, promises. Always they are going to do the right thing, as long you give them what they want right now. Have none of the Democrat voters ever been parents of teenagers? Strike that –most of them are teenagers – or are still acting like one.
#3 The blame game – The eeevil corporations, those mean Republicans, George Bush, blame, blame, blame while they spend, spend, spend.
#4 Call anything and everything “extreme” – “What!?” Says Democratic Congressman “ Balance the budget? Radical notion! Yes I know I voted for it two years ago, but now I choose to call it “extreme” and so “extreme” it is.”
We the people who actually pay the taxes have to hold the line. If we don’t win this one, we throw out some more of the bums and vote in some more “radicals” who will get it done. Taxation is not just about how much money comes out of our pockets, it is about how much goes into the Federal Governments’. This government is too big and doing too many things it has no business doing. To shrink it we have to starve the beast.