Liberal Fascism in America

I was going to title this “Liberal Fascism Comes to America” but it only took me a second to realize it’s been here for a long time.

The latest proof comes in the form of the lefts mind-bogglingly hypocritical crusade against Rush Limbaugh. After the things that have been said about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann by big Obama donors – heck, after the things that have been said about me as an average American and a supporter of the Tea Party.

Truly. The mind. It boggles.

Today I read an open letter from the manager of the local talk radio station. It outlined how he had received hundreds of calls and emails from around the country “demanding” that he take Rush off the air.  From people who had never even heard of our small town. Fortunately our station is standing for free speech. But I am sure that Media Matters has used many of it’s tax-deductible dollars to fund phone banks full of people just picking up the phone and calling one radio station after another.

This should be worse than repugnant to every American.

There are many, many people who I do not agree with. They make me angry, and sometimes they make me sick. But I don’t have to listen to them if I don’t choose to. To try to silence the opposition is dangerous thinking, and dangerous behavior. The truth will always out. If everyone has an opportunity to speak, then truth will find it’s way to the top. The only people who have an interest in silencing voices, in silencing free speech, are those that are afraid of the truth.

What this means is that the Progressive movement is afraid of the truth. Media Matters is afraid of the truth. If truth were on their side, they have only to speak it, and it would prevail. If you are trying to disarm your opponent it is because you know he can beat you. You are acknowledging that the only way you can win is to cheat.

I appeal to every Americans who believes in free speech – pick up your phone or open your email box and contact your local radio station to tell them you support free speech.Tweet it after you do. Post it your Facebook page.This isn’t about Rush and what he did or didn’t say, or about Bill Maher and who he gives his money to. This is about preserving your right to speak your own opinion. Period. Even if the liberal fascists in the left-wing bastions don’t like it.

And I make an appeal to every advertisers sense of self-preservation. Advertisers, let me enlighten you on a little fiscal reality.

The left may have all the millionaires, it is true, but there are only so many of them, and the remainder of the Democrat party is made up of those on public assistance. We, the conservatives of this country, make up the great middle class. We are the people who buy stuff. Stuff like sleep number mattresses and flower bouquets. Don’t mess with us. Most of us see what’s happening in this country. We may have gotten lazy in the past, but we are starting to realize the situation we’re in. We will no longer support advertisers who kowtow to liberal fascism. We may not be ready to pick up pitchforks, but we can and will hold onto our wallets.

4 responses to “Liberal Fascism in America

  • jrazz80

    I agree with you, that any moves to FORCE Rush of the air is wrong and dangerous. But simply using one’s freedom of speech to let advertisers that they don’t approve of the content their products are associated with is, in my opinion, they way it should be. There should be NO law restricting anyones’ free speech, but that goes both ways.

    Also the democrats DO NOT have ALL the millionaires, they only have the celiibrity rich. The Right is the 1%, and then a whole bunch of poor people who believe in the ideology of trickle down economics, and believe that any government assitance is socialism and wrong. I am assuming you are for the Bush tax cuts and find the idea of taxing the rich more abhorent, but this is what the founder of American Capitalism had to say about it.

    “The rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more in proportion. The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state.”
    -Adam smith

    I have a blog about it, you should check it out. I am trying to find the truth and balance in the issues of today. The polerization that began with Obama getting nominated and exploded with Palin and her “Real America” is only getting worse. It will take cool heads and reason to sort through it all. I welcome a civil discusion with you and anyone who is seeking the truth.

  • averageamericanblogger

    Hi Jarazz80,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Since your point is really more about taxation than free speech, I’m headed over to your blog post regarding that subject to respond.
    I always appreciate the opportunity to debate civilly!

  • jrazz80

    That is a good point, I did shift to talking about taxes. So lets talk about free speech. I’m all for it. No one should be silenced, or bullied. I think that is exactly why there is this backlash against Rush now; he was bullying Sondra Fluke. Three days of bashing and degrading her, saying much worse things than ‘slut’. I don’t think that the government should force him of the air, and I don’t think anyone is going to try to do that. But other citizens also have the freedom of speech, and some of them are using that freedom to say that Rush’s comments went too far and that advertisers you think twice about using talk radio. I am not a fan of political talk radio at all, even the old Air America. There is something destructive about someone just TALKING for three hours a day. In that environment people on both sides will be forced to be inflammatory and controversial to keep the ratings up, and it daily leads to misinformation, because they are just getting the raw story on air much of the time and use that to make an opinion that is then pounding into people for hours. And most people who listen to it, are not even able to check facts, so they just hear Rush, or Beck, or hannity say it and they believe it.

    Did you see that Kony 2012 video? It my be flawed, but the core is true. Joseph Kony is a horrible war criminal. Do you know what Rush Limbaugh said when Obama send 100 troops to advised the locals to find and capture this Killer of Children? He said that Kony’s LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) are Christians, and Obama has sent US troops to KILL Christians in Africa. Now how many of Rush’s 20 Million listeners thought to follow up on that? To check his facts? I’m guessing not very many of his ‘Ditto heads’ do much fact checking. Glenn Beck has said that he doesn’t do ANY fact checking, that he goes with his gut.

    These people have the biggest bullhorn on the block, and they are consistently wrong and are spreading misinformation to a HUGE block of the electorate on a daily basis. Most of us wish we could at least balance it out, but at the very least when they move into bullying, we can stand against that.

    Bill Maher may be a foul mouthed jerk, but he goes after the big guns. Sarah Palin gives as good as she gets. She is not being bullied. When she can call the President Un-American, (probably the worst thing you could say about an American politician) then she can take it when people call her names. Again, this is not to excuse anything that Maher or any foul names someone on the left may say. But there is an added level of bullying. A good example on the other side would be the treatment Bristol Palin has received, some of the comments to her new blog are inexcusable.

    You say that the left is afraid of the truth. I don’t think that’s it. I think that we are afraid of these few people having so much influence that the truth can’t get out. They have such massive audinces and then tell people that they can’t trust any other news source. So Fox News and Talk radio have the monopoly on the flow of information, to millions of people. I am of the opinion that NO SINGLE source of news is good enough. I think people should check several different sites or channels to stay informed. Get both side of the issue. I check ,The Huffington Post, Drudge, and several more.

    As you said, The truth will out.

  • averageamericanblogger

    Ok stuff like this is what makes me just shut people on the left totally out:

    “And most people who listen to it, are not even able to check facts”

    “Glenn Beck has said that he doesn’t do ANY fact checking, that he goes with his gut”

    First of all, every American is “able” to check facts, and all people should left and right. I don’t want to get into a tit for tat on who checks facts the left or the right because within both groups there are people that do and people that don’t. But by saying those on the right “are not able” to – you reveal your inherent close-mindedness and make it difficult to want to debate with you.
    Secondly, this is a false statement by you about Glenn Beck. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard him say “don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself” Like literally every show. Now, I’m not here to be a spokesperson for Glenn Beck, I just object to you factually representing people in a bid to make your point.
    I hear this argument every time I debate someone – that somehow Conservatives “just listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.”
    It is a bogus slam to shut people down and dismiss any arguments they make without addressing the arguments themselves. Forgive me, but it’s weak-minded and lazy. Not to mention predictable and trite.
    With regards to the one small mention you did make of the actual subject at hand – free speech – you said that people have a right to spend their dollars with businesses of their choosing. With this, I absolutely agree. But that is not what we are talking about.
    As I said in my post, we are talking about a tax-exempt organization (Media Matters) taking money from people like George Soros (who does not believe in the sovereignty of America, or in the American Constitution) and using that money to pay people to sit on the phone and call radio stations, pretending to be concerned citizens. That is not Americans exercising their rights, this is leftist organizations, who have taken cues from past leftists, using money and manpower to subvert the system.

    For a fuller context here are some of the remarks from the station managers letter, he mentions in it, that a former mayor of our city was actually trying to arrange a boycott of local small businesses:

    “There is a big misconception on how local, small market radio is monetized and supported. The ONLY sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh Show are national sponsors that purchase ad time through the Premiere Radio Network. Perhaps in New York, Chicago, LA and other very large cities there are “local” sponsors…but in small radio markets like ours there are truly no local sponsors. Ads on KGMI are mostly sold on a “rotator” basis… and while some ads may be slotted in the 9AM to Noon segment, literally no sales contracts exist for Rush Limbaugh sponsorship on the local level. Zero!

    Mr. Mayor, any boycott of our stations sponsors would only damage the station’s ability to properly serve this community. To cover local news and do local talk and sports programming, and would negatively impact 57 LOCAL tax-paying residents who’ve decided to make their living here, doing news reporting, disc jockeying music shows, administrative work and helping the community with service projects. It would have absolutely NO impact on Rush Limbaugh.

    We value our advertisers and do all we can to help them build and grow their business in this shaky economy. Not a single one of them “buys” or “sponsors” the Rush Limbaugh show on KGMI. This letter is being published for the entire community to see, and if any local business can show me a station contract for direct Rush Limbaugh sponsorship, I will shred the paper and eat it with my Raisin Bran!

    For those that have blasted me with vitriol about how I could “allow such filth to contaminate the radio”, I have asked them to please provide me copies of the letters or emails they sent to HBO chastising host Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin the “c” word on a politically oriented TV talk show. So far not one has been able to show me documentation of that criticism. Short of that, I can only assume that their vengeance against Rush Limbaugh is more politically motivated than truly an effort to battle misogyny in the media.

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