If we’re the Hobbits, they’re the Orcs

The Wall Street Journal published a piece recently, which referred to the Tea Party as “Hobbits.” John McCain picked up on it, quoting it on the Senate floor, both virtually tut-tutting about these dear little souls, that just don’t understand how the “real world” works. Pat them on the head and send them to bed.
At the risk of looking a little nerdy, let me say that I loved the story as a child, and have been known to engage in a 12 hour marathon of LOTR movies with my kids. It holds enduring appeal because it contains what so many modern tales lack. It is an epic battle of good against evil.
It’s amusing to me that WSJ (which I love, by the way, despite this error of their ways) and Senator McCain completely missed the gist of the story – that the simplicity and goodness of the Hobbits was the only character that could withstand the power of the ring.
The American people, by and large, are of that simple and honest character. Most love the flag and family barbeques, go to church and help their neighbors. They are factually the most generous people on earth. Most aspire to nothing more than to raise a good family and have a little plot of land, a little home and yard that is their own, and don’t need or want government interference in any of it.
Throughout the story, the powerful are corrupted. Kings and noblemen, and the heroic warrior who first obtained it -all are corrupted by the “power” of the ring. The real heroes are those that are able to resist that power when offered. I’m reminded of the true history of one of our great founders, George Washington, who refused to be a king, and was reluctant to be President.
None of the “great and wise” were capable of carrying the ring – holding the power – without being corrupted. In the end even the simple hobbit succumbed to it’s influence (which is a great argument for term limits, but I digress.)
The moral of the story is that it is only we, the people, not the “leaders” but the everyday men and women all across America, can save the nation from the crisis that those same leaders have gotten us into. Our answers – cutting spending, passing a balanced budget amendment, are the only answers that will truly put the nation back on the path to prosperity.
Those who try to tell us that we “don’t know what’s best for us” are not fit to lead. Those who work against the will of the people “for their own good” are not qualified to hold office.

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